Company Profile

Electro~Shred is a privately held company, which was formed in 2004.  Electro~Shred is a leader in asset recovery and WEEE recycling, offering its customers environmentally sustainable recycling solutions for used electronics. Electro~Shred has been providing innovative solutions to retailers, governments, manufacturers and organizations looking to achieve value recovery through the recycling of electronics.  Electro~Shred operates one of the largest OEM take back programs in Canada. We envision a world where economic growth can be sustained without harming the environment, a world where products can be recovered, reused and recycled.  

We specialize in the development and execution of customized electronic recycling programs. Electro~Shred possesses the knowledge and experience to offer a one-stop solution for the diversion of e-waste.  Our clients include: Multi National OEM’s., waste management companies and municipalities. 

Electro~Shred operates out of a 35,000 square foot, OES Approved Primary Processer, R2:2013, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified processing facility in Brantford, Ontario. Electro~Shred’s facility is authorized by the MoE to accept and process e-waste.

Downstream Auditing

As an ISO 14001 certified and OES primary processor, it is of utmost importance to ensure that electronic waste does not enter landfills.  Electro~Shred performs downstream audits to ensure products that are sold to secondary markets are being used in an environmentally sustainable manner.  We conduct this practice, under RQO supervision, to meet the latest Electronics Product Stewardship Canada standards by selecting approved partners that are applying environmentally safe practices to ensure they are not sending electronic waste to landfill or destined for non-OECD countries.  We practice due diligence and conduct background checks on all partners in addition to obtaining certificates of recycling and/or destruction for products received from Electro~Shred.


Electro~Shred guarantees that all e-waste received will be diverted from landfill.  A certificate of destruction or recycling is available upon request, and states that products received by Electro~Shred have been responsibly recycled and diverted from landfill. 

In addition to practicing ISO 14001 and OES due diligence, Electro~Shred has obtained a Certificate of Approval to act as a Waste Disposal Site / Waste Processing / Transfer Site for Electronic Equipment. A copy of Certificate Number 0553-886KWP can be provided upon request.


Electro~Shred is fully Insured to meet our customers’ requirements.